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Electric Pumps

Electric Pumps

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Go Green With Electric Pumps

Electric Pumps have sky rocketed in popularity this year, and are projected to continue their growth in 2019 and beyond. Due to increased customer demand, we have added several models and brands of electric pumps to our catalog. Shop trusted manufacturers like:

Electric Pumps: What's the Big Deal?

Electric Pumps have a lot of pros - they are quiet, efficient, low maintenance, and carry a smaller price tag.  While they aren't as powerful as their gas driven counterparts, they are a solid choice in a variety of settings. 

Look to electric when you need to reduce noise pollution, or are working in a small, confined space, such as a greenhouse. The lack of exhaust makes the electric pumps ideal for indoors. Touting the use of "green" components in your business is a great way to gain favor with customers that are increasingly concerned with sustainability. 

Hotels, resorts, academic institutions, healthcare and treatment facilities, and many others are sensitive to the loud noises of groundskeeping. Sprayers equipped with electric pumps help tame the noise pollution and keep guests and customers happy. It's also an excellent solution for spraying in residential areas, especially in early morning hours - there's nothing worse than a mob of angry homeowners awoken by the roar of a gas-powdered engine!

Remco ProFlo Electric Diaphragm Pump Delevan 12V Electric Pump Pumptec Pump  Myers 230V Pump

Electric Pump Types

Electric Pumps are available in 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 115 VAC, or 230 VAC. They offer a wide range of flow rates and pressure capabilities. Over the past 5-10 years, manufacturers have ramped up R&D and production on electric pumps to meet changing needs of various industries. The 115V pumps plug right into a standard socket in the wall. They are very popular with greenhouses. The 230V pumps have a higher horsepower, making it more efficient to power them with 230 volts. They also plug into the wall, but do require a 230V socket and plug. The 12V and 24V pumps run off a battery or vehicle, such as a pickup or truck, or a tractor in the case of a 3-point hitch electric sprayer.

There are endless applications, and whether you are in pest control, landscaping, agriculture, or any industry in between, there is an electric pump option for you. 

Shop Electric Pumps

Electric Pump & Motor Assemblies

Pumptec 120V Pump & Motor CDS John Blue Pump & Electric Motor Assembly Hypro 12 Volt DC Roller Pump

Pumptec, Hypro and CDS-John Blue are offering pumps coupled with electric motors. We announced the addition of John Blue's DP-43.1-GRIP & 115/230V Electric Motor Assembly back in August. Sprayer Depot is still one of the only vendors to offer this incredible product.

Our offering of Pumptec models continues to grow, with new additions added to the online store monthly. Beginning in 2019, Kings Sprayers will have the option to include Pumptec pumps or pump and motor assemblies. 

Hypro's 12V Roller Pump & motor assemblies are a popular option as well. Ideal for moderately corrosive chemicals, the Hypro 4101XL-E2H roller pump can handle Roundup.

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We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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