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Hypro 3D Nozzle Review

The New Hypro 3D Nozzles Offer the Latest in Spraying Technology - This innovative design is an inclined all-purpose spray tip for optimum coverage, making drift and inefficiency a thing of the past! Read a verified user's honest review.


4 Best Spray Industry Apps

Simplify Spraying With These 4 FREE Apps & Websites - Yep, there's an app for that and these will make selecting the right spray tips, mixing chemicals or calculating application needs a snap.


New TeeJet® SpraySelect App

New Android and Apple Mobile App Makes Tip Selection Easier than Ever! Our Friends at TeeJet have "uncomplicated" spray tip selection with an easy to use tool that takes the hard part out of selecting the right spray tip for your application needs.


6 Reasons Why You Need Drift Control Spray Tips

Drift control spray tips will up your spray game. Hypro drift control spray tips use air induction to produce air filled droplets, which dramatically reduce drift compared to conventional tips. Read on to see the 6 reasons why they are a smart investment this spraying season.


Dicamba Recommended Spray Nozzles

Roundup-resistant weeds have evolved and now to kill all weeds a new more powerful herbicide is available: Dicamba (sometimes shown as Roundup XtendiMax). Here are the spray tips from Hypro & TeeJet recommended for spraying Dicamba and 2,4-D.


3 Steps to Selecting the Right Spray Tip

With hundreds of spray tips and nozzles on the market, selecting the right tip for the job can be overwhelming. Follow these 3 steps to find the right tip or nozzle to tackle your spraying applications.


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