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Kings Sprayers Atomization Sprayer

An electric "Atomization" sprayer designed specifically for greenhouse and nurseries, and chock full of specialized features, including the latest technology in atomization.


Sprayer-Thirty: Custom Kings Sprayers

Sprayer-Thirty is a monthly broadcast covering industry topics and sprayer demos. This month we looked a 5 custom Kings Sprayers for soft wash, tall tree spraying, and a 1,000 gallon water wagon/nurse trailer.


New Product Alert: Soft Wash Wand

Get the Job Done Right with a Soft Wash Wand! Designed just for soft wash, we have a new soft wash wand that comes with or without the spray tips.


New Product Line: Kings Steel Sprayers

Kings Steel Sprayers Are Here! Kings Sprayers, proudly built by Sprayer Depot in the USA, have long been the preferred choice of professional sprayers. We've created a new product line extension of the Kings brand and now offer Kings Steel Sprayers! Read on to find out more about these rugged, built to last sprayers.


Sprayer-Thirty: Build Your Kings Sprayer

Have It Your Way - A Kings Sprayer, That Is! You can customize your burger at fast food chains - now you can do it on our website under the Build Your Kings Sprayer section.


New Product Alert: Comet P36GR & Honda GX 160 Engine Assembly

The Comet P36GR & Honda GX 160 Engine Assembly is perfect for low-pressure applications with corrosive chemicals, including chlorine. Ideal for the soft wash industry.


New Products Alert: Remco Electric Pumps

Remco Industries Electric Diaphragm Pumps are now available at Sprayer Depot! Read more about these highly reliable, extremely efficient pumps that are proudly made in America.


New Product Alert: CDS-John Blue Electric Motor Assembly

Sprayer Depot is the first retailer to offer CDS-John Blue's new DP-43.1-GRIP & 115/230V Electric Motor Assembly. This unit is eco-friendly, quiet and chemical resistant.


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