Kings Sprayers Atomization Sprayer

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The Perfect Sprayer for Nurseries & Greenhouses

This "Atomization" sprayer is one of the latest additions to the Kings Sprayers line. Designed specifically for greenhouse and nurseries, it's chock full of specialized features for best spraying in enclosed environments. 

What's Atomization?

Atomization is the process of separating bulk liquids into small droplets or fine particles. This is not a new process (inkjet printers and medical treatments for emphysema have long used atomization), but it's newer to the spraying industry. Incorporating this technology into sprayers increases efficiency and effectiveness, and greatly reduces waste. Spray liquids also go further, reducing the cost of chemicals and spray solutions. It also means fewer chemicals are ultimately applied to plants and crops. An improved understanding of surface tension and viscosity have made this a really good option for horticulture.

Kings Sprayers Atomization Electric 4-Wheel Sprayer

Based on research and design, this 100 gallon electric sprayer on a 4-wheel easy-pull cart was built specifically for nurseries, greenhouses, and horticulture operations that need user friendly precision spraying. It includes all the features that make Kings Sprayers the preferred choice in professional spray equipment: a lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, top of the line brand name components, and the flexibility to fully customize the sprayer. 

Specific to this sprayer include a 120V pump capable of 500 PSI with an extra long extension cord. The quiet, clean burning Pumptec pump is ideal for decreasing noise pollution without sacrificing performance. The UDOR Turbo Spray Gun includes quick disconnects for increased ease of use. Add 12' or 18' spray booms or boomless nozzles, or customize the rig any number of ways to fit your needs. 

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We're here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us about your spraying challenges. We provide quotes, free of charge, for Kings Sprayers, and can assist with customizations. 

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