TwinCap Tip Holder

TwinCap Tip Holder

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Hypro TwinCap Tip Holder. (Pictured with Ultra Lo-Drift spray tips. Tips are sold separately)

Hypro’s TwinCap is a simple, compact way to use two spray tips back to back to create a high coverage twin spray. This design allows you to apply the volume per acre you want, at the speed you want, without compromising spray quality.

The TwinCap holds and aligns fan pattern spray tips made to ISO standard dimensions, including Hypro Ultra Lo-Drift (ULD), GuardianAIR (GA), Lo-Drift (LD), Variable Pressure (VP), Total Range (TR), Off-Center (OC), Fan (F), and Even (E) spray tips. It also fits Albuz® AXI, ADI, and OCI spray tips.

TwinCap Features

-Improve control of plant diseases, insects, and difficult weeds.

-Twin 30° inclined angles improve canopy penetration.

-Combined forward and backward angles enhance coverage on stems and leaves.

-Holds any two standard dimension tips, including Hypro ULD, LD, ADI