Airofog AR9 Thermal Fogger

Airofog AR9 Thermal Fogger

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Used both indoor and outdoor to cover both small and large areas. Effective and efficiently electric powered thermal fogger with ultra dense fog capability.

Manufacturer Description:

Airofog thermal foggers use the pulse jet principle of igniting fuel through a tuned resonator tube that allows for continuous engine operation without any moving parts where the exhaust gasses are mixed with a diluent containing the fogging material to create a dense fog of finely atomized particles typically in the range 3-10um in size with oil based diluents for fogging of insecticides against flying insects, stored product pests, insect larvae in water surfaces and also application of biocides and disinfectants in both outdoor and indoor environments. The professional design makes exit temperature at the point of injection to ONLY 100-140 Degrees (40-60o Celsius) with an exposure interval of under 5 milliseconds to ensure even heat sensitive materials such as biological products like Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) or sphericus (Bts) can be applied.


  • First time you start each day, fill with gasoline to the 1.0L mark, do not over fill and for best results do not underfill. NOTE: this is for easy start when engine is cold at first start of the day.

  • Make sure the solution tank and gas tank lids are snug as the Airofog thermal foggers pressurize and will not run if lids are not sealed.

  • Pre-set strap before using AE/AR-9 so it rests comfortably sitting about waist high with strap around shoulder.

  • Sit the fogger on level ground checking wind direction before starting. Do not use if too windy!

  • Make sure solution tank lever is in closed position.

  • Pull open the fuel knob, with medium pressure, do not PUMP too fast until starts: if flooded, do steps below.

  • Important Below

  • If the fogger fires or runs and stalls, close the fuel knob, pump until it fires.

  • Then pull open fuel knob again and repeat, follow this procedure every time it fires or runs and shuts off.

    Repeat as necessary until you mastery starting procedure.

  • Once the fogger starts let it run for 30-60 seconds until the jet engine speed evens out.

  • While fogging if engine stalls immediately shut of solution tank to avoid unwanted discharge.

  • When fogging is completed, turn solution knob to vent to flush solution line before, then turn the knob to off

    position, then turn off fuel to stop engine.

  • During repeat starting throughout the day, keep fuel line closed for the first few pumps until you hear a pop,

    then open fuel knob for easy hot starts.

  • Drain gas at end of season and leave gas cap loose.