8700.01 IOTA-17/18/20 Diaphragm Repair Kit

8700.01 IOTA-17/18/20 Diaphragm Repair Kit

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Make sure you have this Udor 8700.01 IOTA-17/18/20 Diaphragm Repair Kit on hand for your IOTA 17, 18 or 20 model diaphragm pumps. Because each kit contains everything you need to fix your unit, you don't need to purchase a bunch of separate pieces and parts. You'll find inside two piston diaphragms, one accumulator diaphragm and four O-rings.

Manufacturer Description:

The 8700.01 is the standard diaphragm repair kit for Udor IOTA-17/18/20 diaphragm pumps. Complete pump repair kit including check valves, diaphragm bolts and diaphragm washers also available. Please see part number 8700.01CK.


8700.01 Includes: 

-Qty 2 0903.41 Piston Diaphragm, Desmopan
-Qty 1 0903.08 Accumulator Diaphragm, Buna-N 
-Qty 4 1101.52 O-Ring