5026.0080 MP20/30 Diaphragm & Valve Kit

5026.0080 MP20/30 Diaphragm & Valve Kit

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When you need to repair your Comet MP20 or MP30 Diaphragm Pump, make sure you have this 5026.0080 MP20/30 Diaphragm & Valve Kit on hand. This product includes all the parts you need to swap out damaged or faulty pieces, including one accumulator diaphragm, two flat gaskets, nine O-rings, two piston diaphragms and four valve assemblies.

Manufacturer Description:

Comet Repair Kit 5026.0080 contains replacement diaphragms, valves, and o-rings that can be used to replace worn parts on your Comet MP20 and MP30 Diaphragm Pump. If you see that the oil in your Comet MP20/30 Pump has turned a milky gray color, stop using the pump and replace your diaphragms immediately. Running a diaphragm pump with broken diaphragms can damage your pump beyond repair. It is better to just order a repair kit as a precaution, opposed to purchasing an entirely new pump.


5026.0080 Includes:
  • Qty 2 18000020 Piston Diaphragm, Buna-N
  • Qty 1 18000033 Accumulator Diaphragm, Buna-N
  • Qty 4 12200021 Check Valve Assembly
  • Qty 2 12010071 Flat Gasket
  • Qty 2 12100057 O-Ring
  • Qty 2 12100021 O-Ring
  • Qty 4 12100191 O-Ring
  • Qty 1 12100046 O-Ring