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Keep several packages of this 3" x 2" Water Sensitive Paper from Spraying Systems Company on hand. Why? Because these specially-crafted papers help you evaluate your spray distributions, droplet densities, swath width and penetration of your spray. Each package includes 50 water-sensitive yellow cards that stain blue from water spray droplets, as well as white oil-responsive cards that turn black once exposed to oil droplets.

Manufacturer Description:

Water-sensitive paper is a rigid paper with a specially coated, yellow surface which is stained dark blue by aqueous droplets. The paper has been developed for rapid evaulation of sprays in the field. It is recommended for the determination of swath widths, spray distribution, droplet densities and spray penetration into crops. The spray mix no longer needs the addtion of dyes. The paers are placed into the target area shortly before spraying. Following exposure to the spray, the water-sensitve papers will show stains from the aqueous droplets. The papers are collected as soon as they have become dry again. The collectors consist of a special paper; its reverse side being water repellent. The upper surface is treated so that it will be stained deep blue by water. The water-sensitive papers are packed together with drying agent silicagel in sealed alufoil bags. The papers can be used for the collection of all kinds of aqueous sprays under conditions of atmospheric humidity up to 80% relative humidity (RH). The resulting stain is contrasty, permanent and ensures detection of droplets larger than 50 microns. In spraying, it should be used only for qualitative assessment of spray distribution and penetration. Exposure of the water-sensitive papers to atmospheric conditions should be kept to a minimum, especially in humid conditions. Where to use: A. Aerial application - for detection of swath wideth and to evaluate the effects of propwash, wing tips vortices and nozzle placement or distribution. Attach the cards onto a horizontal support slightly above the ground or plant canopy. B. Orchard sprayers - for evaluation of spray distribution and penetration throughout the tree. Staple the cards to leaves in upper, center and lower parts of the tree. C. Field sprayers - for evaluation of spray distribution and droplet density along the boom. Staple long collectors (26mm x 500mm) to a board and place it across a section of the boom swath. D. Backpack/Hand-held sprayers - for evaluation of spray distribution and droplet density. Place collectors across a single run width. Spray cards can be evaluated by visual estimate or by counting the dropletes under a pocket lens. Visual assessment - A quick glance can reveal areas of over- and under-application, clogged or defective nozzles and nozzle dripping. For routine checking of sprays you might also prepare standard cards by selecting the spray cards with known droplet densities from previous applications. Collectors must be stored before and after spray exposure under dry conditions in airtight boxes or bags. Gloves should be used for handling the papers to avoid staining and contaminating the papers.


  • Paper size: 3" x 2" (76mm x 52mm)
  • Qty per pack: 50
  • Minimum micron size detectable: 50
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