Hypro VPC120-05 Variable Pressure Ceramic 120° Nozzle

Hypro VPC120-05 Variable Pressure Ceramic 120° Nozzle

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Manufactured with precision but priced economically - the Hypro VPC series of tips is best suited for contact pesticides and foliar applications. Ceramic insert protects the tip from wear and allows a uniform spray pattern.

Manufacturer Description:

Pentair Hypro Variable Pressure Ceramic spray nozzles are universal flat spray nozzles that offer a finer droplet spectrum.

-Ideal for applications of contact pesticides

-Fine to coarse spray droplet spectrum for high coverage applications

-Extended pressure range

-Low-drift within the pressure range up to 40 psi


Material: Polyacetal with Ceramic Insert

Flow Rate: 0.43 - 0.74 gpm

Pressure Range: 20-75 psi

Pattern: Tapered Flat Fan

Spray Angle: 120 Degree

Common Use: Insecticides & Fungicides

Technology: Elliptical orifice