5251827 R10/R2020 Packing Kit

5251827 R10/R2020 Packing Kit

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FMC/John Bean
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It's always a good idea to have spare parts on hand in case of breakage, that is the potential represented by the 5251827 R10/20 Packing Kit. This kit includes two packing cups, four cylinder gaskets, two cap screws and 2 O-rings. This is enough to handle most pumps you may use, though if you need supplies for the R20/20 pump, then you should order two of these kits.

Manufacturer Description:

5251827 Standard Packing Kit Used in R10, A0413C Std, R20 (2 Required), E0413C (2 Required). If you are leaking fluid from the ceramic cylinders this kit will get you back up and running.


5251827 Includes:
  • Qty 2 1251925 Packing Cup
  • Qty 4 A91684 Cylinder Gasket
  • Qty 2 1284516 Cap Screw
  • Qty 2 1101339 O-Ring