3430-0334 Seal & O-Ring Repair Kit Hypro 9000C-O Centrifugal Pumps

3430-0334 Seal & O-Ring Repair Kit Hypro 9000C-O Centrifugal Pumps

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If you value a quick reduction of downtime due to equipment breakdowns and maintenance, you need to have this 3430-0334 Seal & O-Ring Repair Kit for the Hypro 9000C-O centrifugal pumps on hand. This kit repairs all the 9000C-O series models and includes everything you need to quickly fix your unit and get back in gear. You'll find one gasket, one mechanical seal and one O-ring.

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This repair kit is for the following pumps: 9006C-O, 9006C-O-SP, 9016C-O, 9016C-O-SP, 9008C-O, 9018C-O, 9028C-O If your pump starts leaking from the weephole or the flow rate and/or pressure drop you most likely need to replace the parts that come in the seal kit. This 3430-0334 seal repair kit is for cast iron series pumps. For stainless series please use repair kit part number 3430-0591 with includes the Life Guard silicon carbide (B) seal.


3430-0334 Includes: Qty 1 1700-0101 Gasket Qty 1 2120-0011 Mechanical Seal Qty 1 1720-0083 O-Ring **For Life Guard Silicon Carbide Kit please use part number 3430-0591**