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Sprayers Custom Built for Vans

Sprayers Custom Built for Vans

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Cool Vans Aren't Just for Mr. T, Scooby & Shaggy

We Can Build a Custom Sprayer for Your Van or Enclosed Trailer

We've offered custom sprayers from the beginning. The option to customize not only the sprayer footprint, but everything on it was one of the reasons behind the creation of the Kings Sprayers brand. We knew that a "one size fits all", or even a "one size fits most" approach wouldn't cut it for our customers. 

We've built custom sprayers designed to fit all sorts of vehicles, including an El Camino, a train, and airboats. Here's a recap of some of the more unique configurations and footprints. 

Elongated Frame Allows Pump & Engine to Site Sideways in the Van

Over the years we have manufactured hundreds of variations for sprayers inside vans, enclosed trailers, etc. We received a custom request in which the applicator wanted to be able to access everything easily from the passenger door opening.  We elongated the frame to allow the pump and engine to sit sideways - right at the opening of the door. We also extended the frame with a hose guide to easily pull the hose out without the van or doors obstructing it.

With this design the operator can open the door, start the engine, set the regulator and pull hose to start spraying!  

Van Sprayer Specs

  • A 300 gallon tank
  • A 10 GPM diaphragm pump
  • An electric reel w/ 300' of 1/2" ID hose
  • Tank mounted longways
  • All controls easily accessible from passenger side door



Van Sprayer at Sprayer DepotVan Sprayer at Sprayer Depot

How Can it Possibly Fit Through a Van Passenger Door and Still Have the Capacity I Need?!

With a little magic, creativity, and good old Sprayer Depot ingenuity, we can fit 500 gallons (separate 300 gallon and 200 gallon tanks), with separate pumps, engines, and hose reels for each tank (to prevent cross contamination), and keep both reels accessible from the passenger side door (for safety) - all in a 78" x 70" footprint! We may have even surprised ourselves a little with this custom build... 

Van Sprayer Specs

  • A 300 gallon tank
  • A 200 gallon tank
  • Dual 8 HP electric start engines
  • Dual 15 GPM pumps
  • Dual electric hose reels w/ 300' of 1/2" ID hose

Kings Sprayer built for a van Kings Sprayer built for a van

Let's Get Started on Your Custom Kings Sprayer

Challenge us with your unique sprayer needs and odd-sized vehicles! Our customer service team is ready to help. We've built hundreds of configurations for many types of spraying applications. 

If you are looking for a sprayer in a van or enclosed trailer please start by getting pictures and a footprint of the space we have to work with. We will use the images along with the required sprayer specifications and have our engineer create a to-scale drawing. 

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COMING SOON: Lawn Trucks By Kings Sprayers

The #1 Choice for Professional Sprayers Will Soon Offer Professional Grade Lawn Trucks

Kings Sprayers® is expanding and will soon offer full size lawn trucks. Stay tuned for more information!

Lawn Trucks By Kings Sprayers at Sprayer Depot

Sprayer Depot is committed to serving you!

Sprayer Depot specializes in spray equipment, parts and accessories for commercial use. Agriculture, horticulture, lawn & landscaping, and pest control industries, as well as theme parks/resorts/hotels, and golf & recreational facilities shop at Sprayer Depot. We ship worldwide. Kings Sprayers are proudly made in America at the Sprayer Depot headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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NEW Product Line: Hose Reels by Kings Sprayers®

Kings Sprayers® has expanded and is now offering hose reels! These reels are proudly built by Kings Sprayers at Sprayer Depot's Orlando headquarters. They feature stainless steel inlet swivel and internal pipe, an aluminum frame that's lightweight and corrosion resistant, and a 2-year limited warranty.

Sprayer Depot Is Committed to Serving You!

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