Sprayer Winterization

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Winterize Sprayers & Protect Your Equipment

Winter weather is upon us! As temperatures drop, it's the perfect time to winterize sprayers and spray equipment. Protect your investment in equipment with these easy steps:

Sprayer Winterization

Your equipment will "fare" better if you follow the F.A.R.E.S. method:

  1. Flush the Entire System
  2. Add Antifreeze
  3. Remove and Store Components (spray guns, nozzles, strainers)
  4. Empty Gas Tank
  5. Gas Stabilizer

Download the Sprayer Winterization Guide

For quick reference, a more complete explanation of the F.A.R.E.S. method is available as a downloadable guide. 

Download Sprayer Winterization Guide

Sprayer Winterization Demonstration

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