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We Can Put a Sprayer In That

We Can Put a Sprayer In That

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From Boats to El Caminos, We Can Put a Sprayer in Almost Vehicle You Bring Us

Trains, Planes & Automobiles - A Sprayer for Every Vehicle

One of the key differentiating factors of the Kings Sprayers brand is the ability to fully customize the sprayer. The aluminum frames are built in-house at our Orlando, Florida headquarters. Having experienced designers and welders on staff makes it a snap to build a frame to fit *almost* any space! In 2018, we completed over 300 different customizations and configurations. We're on track to exceed that number in 2019. Here's a look at some of the most unique vehicles with customized Kings Sprayers.  

Aquatic Sprayer in an Airboat

One of our latest Kings Sprayers creations is a sprayer in an airboat designed for aquatic spraying. We love a good challenge, and this sprayer design was right in our "boathouse"! We had to work with the right sized tank, and position things in just the right way to fit the unit into the boat. Since there isn't a large amount of space for a big tank, we opted for a smaller tank and a 3-Way Suction Line Assembly which allows for the operator to pull in lake water rather than relying solely on the tank. The standard ball valve before the strainer is switched out with a 3-way valve to accomplish this. The line to the lake includes a strainer on the end to keep debris out. 

Aquatic Sprayer in Airboat

Skid Sprayer in a Kubota or John Deer Utility Vehicle

Kings Sprayers Skid Sprayers work great in Kubota and John Deere utility vehicles. The fully customizable aluminum frames make it easy to build a footprint that's just the perfect size and meets the customers' spraying needs.

Read more about Kings Sprayers in Kubotas

A Sprayer in an El Camino...?!

Yep, we've even built a sprayer for a customer's 1979 El Camino! We'd say that's definitely spraying in style...

Sprayer in an el Camino

A Sprayer on a Train

Even building a sprayer for a train caboose isn't out of the question! One of the very special customizations we did years ago was for a railroad company. They wanted to be able to spray the sides of the tracks. We built a unit that attached to the caboose with special brackets and included boomless nozzles for full coverage without the use of a spray gun. 

Bring Us Your Vehicle and We'll Put a Sprayer In It

As you can see, the possibilities, options and customizations are almost limitless. We'll think long and hard on your spraying challenge before deeming it impossible. Let us help create the perfect sprayer for you specific spraying needs - give us a call at 800-228-0905 to start the conversation.

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New Product Line: Kings Steel Sprayers

Kings Sprayers are now Available with a Rugged Steel Frame

Kings Steel Sprayers are built on steel frames, designed to stand up to harsh conditions and use, while offering cost savings over the original aluminum frame Kings Sprayers. They are an ideal entry-level sprayer for those just entering the spraying industry, or those who spray more infrequently. 

Read More About Kings Steel Sprayers

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We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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