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Product Highlight: Hose Reels

Product Highlight: Hose Reels

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Hose Reels - A Key Component of Your Sprayer

Hose reels are an essential part of your sprayer, but they can be easily overlooked. However, making sure that you have the correct size and type of hose reel is critical to preserve the life of the spray hose.

Hose reels are made of different types of materials with the most common being aluminum, stainless steel or powder coated steel. Our Kings Sprayers come with a standard Titan hose reel, which is made from aluminum just like our frames. We find this type of reel to be incredibly durable, heavy-duty and lightweight. Our new line, Kings Steel Sprayers, come with a standard Coxreels hose reel.

Another trusted brand that we carry is Hannay. This is probably the most popular brand of commercial reels in our industry and they also come in various materials and sizes.

A few considerations when choosing the type of material for your hose reel are temperature resistance, strength, and flexibility. Our Customer Service Technicians can help match you with the best hose reel for your project. Once you've chosen the material, it's time to decide on whether you need an electric or manual reel.

Manual vs Electric Hose Reels

As their name implies, manual reels are cranked by hand. Because they have fewer components, they are less expensive, and require less maintenance. However, they can be more difficult to use, especially if you have a very long and heavy hose. On the other hand, an electric reel can seem like a big investment but they are equipped with 12V motors. With a simple click of a button the hose is neatly and efficiently wound back onto the reel.

Top Selling Hose Reels at Sprayer Depot

In this product highlight, we are featuring two of our most popular hose reels:

4312 Titan 12" Aluminum Hose Reel


This is one of Titan's most widely used hose reels across many industries. It is available in both manual and electric (look for the letter E after the part number 4312 for electric rewind).


  • Aluminum frame and discs
  • PVC spool
  • Stainless steel tie rods and fasteners
  • Iron Manifold (Stainless steel manifold available for handling fertilizer and other corrosives)
  • Resin bearing holders with stainless back plates for corrosion resistance
  • Lighter weight than steel


1520-17-18 Hannay Manual Hose Reel


This Hannay hose reel is a lightweight, compact reels designed for long lengths of hose in manual and power rewind.


  • Direct crank rewind is permanently attached
  • Chain and sprocket drive is powered by electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor
  • Manual reels include: Cam-lock drag brake, spring actuated pin lock
  • Standard inlet is 90º ball bearing swivel joint with 1/2" FNPT threads
  • Standard outlet is 1/2" FNPT thread
  • Option roller guides available

 117-3-250 Coxreels Hand Crank Hose Reel


Coxreels are the go-to hose reel for our Kings Steel Sprayers. Lightweight with a compact design, they are versatile workhorses.


  • Fluid path with machined solid brass 90 degree full-flow NPT swivel inlet
  • Swivel seals are EPDM (available in Nitrile and Viton)
  • Open drum design for no hassle hose wrap
  • Solid one piece, heavy gauge steel "U" shaped frame
  • Adjustable tension brake to prevent "free-wheeling" during operation, transport or storage
  • Direct hand crank rewind
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength and safety
  • 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty

We offer a full range of hose reel options for different types of hoses with multiple sizes, materials, capacities and mounting styles. We can customize them to meet your needs - just give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

New Product Line: Kings Steel Sprayers

Kings Sprayers are now Available with a Rugged Steel Frame

Kings Steel Sprayers are built on steel frames, designed to stand up to harsh conditions and use, while offering cost savings over the original aluminum frame Kings Sprayers. They are an ideal entry-level sprayer for those just entering the spraying industry, or those who spray more infrequently. 

Read More About Kings Steel Sprayers

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