Hypro HCC80-005 Hollow Cone Ceramic 80° Nozzle

Hypro HCC80-005 Hollow Cone Ceramic 80° Nozzle

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Hollow cone nozzles are widely used in agriculture and other industries for their fine and consistent droplet size. Ceramic insert and pressure capability up to 350 psi make this tip a great option.

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Pentair Hypro Hollow Cone Ceramic nozzles produce an 80° hollow cone spray pattern. Fine spray droplets provide needed coverage for fungicide and insecticide applications.

-Ideal coverage for foliar contact applications

-Very fine droplets for dense canopy penetration

-Consistent droplet size across operating range of pressure

-Resistant to clogging due to round bore


Material: Polyacetal with Ceramic Insert

Flow Rate: 0.052 - 0.129 gpm

Pressure Range: 40-350 psi

Pattern: Hollow Cone

Spray Angle: 80°

Common Use: Plant Health