Hypro GATC120-05 GuardianAIR Twin Ceramic 120° Nozzle

Hypro GATC120-05 GuardianAIR Twin Ceramic 120° Nozzle

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Reduce drift and increase coverage with the new twin air induction GATC spray tips from Hypro. Air induction, twin jets and ceramic orifice make this a great choice for your spraying needs.

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Pentair Hypro GuardianAIR Twin Ceramic spray nozzles are very low-drift, air induction twin flat spray nozzle for optimized deposition and canopy penetration.

-Up to 90% drift reduction depending on nozzle size and pressure

-Optimum deposition on foliage and vertical target surfaces thanks to symmetrical twin flat spray jet 30°/30°

-Dual fan design provides excellent canopy penetration for high coverage applications


Material: Polyacetal with Ceramic Insert

Flow Rate: 0.30 - 0.74 gpm

Pressure Range: 15-90 psi

Pattern: Tapered Flat Fan

Spray Angle: Front 120°, Back 120°

Common Use: Plant Health

Technology: Air Induction