Hypro FC-3D100-08 3D Nozzle

Hypro FC-3D100-08 3D Nozzle

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The new Hypro 3D Nozzle gives you optimum spray coverage - the ability to install facing opposite directions allows full coverage of your target. Available in both Fast Cap and standard configuration and in multiple orifice sizes.

Manufacturer Description:

The NEW Hypro 3D Nozzle is an inclined all-purpose nozzle for optimum spray coverage. PWM compatible. 

-Designed in partnership with Syngenta using wind tunnel research and more than 10 years of agronomic field trials

-Proven to deliver up to a 10% increase in pre-emerge weed control compared to a conventional flat fan 

-60-75% drift reduction compared to flat fan nozzles, achieving 2 Star LERAP rating at specific nozzle size/pressure combinations

-PWM compatible; Install 3D nozzles facing the same direction when using with PWM systems at less than 30 Hz


Material: Polyacetal

Pressure Range: 10-90 psi

Pattern: Alternating Tapered Flat Fans

Spray Angle: 100 degree

Connection Type: Fast Cap