GA110-02 (Yellow) Hypro GuardianAIR Spray Tip

GA110-02 (Yellow) Hypro GuardianAIR Spray Tip

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GA110-02 (Yellow) Hypro GuardianAIR Spray Tip

The Hypro GuardianAIR is the only spray tip with a pattern and droplet size scientifically designed to maximize coverage and productivity at spray rates around 10 GPA.


-Optimized for performance and high productivity, especially for application rates around 10 GPA

-Reduce drift and environmental impact while increasing droplet deposition and retention on the foliage with air-induced spray

-Provides better coverage with more drops per gallon compared to other common air-induced spray tips

-Speed-optimized incline allows more uniform coverage on the front and back of foliage for a wide range of speeds

-Delivers faster work rates with better drift reduction, allowing for more productive spraying days

-Boosts productivity with tip sizes for speeds from 3 to over 20 MPH, including the only size "035" tip of its kind with a 10-14 MPH sweet spot


-Each tip is cl

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