CDS-John Blue FM-10 Foam Marker

CDS-John Blue FM-10 Foam Marker

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John Blue
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The CDS-John Blue FM-10 foam marker kit assists with accurately spraying your acreage with a boom up to 12'. The kit includes a 1 gallon tank and all necessary hardware. The foam balls generate at the end of the boom and mark where you have already sprayed. This will prevent you from overapplying the chemical and decrease the likelihood of damage to what you are spraying.

Manufacturer Description:

This positive displacement brass gear pump with the shear pin design and stainless steel shaft is ideal for sprayer applications. The CDS-John Blue Brass Gear Pump maintains even pressure and is designed to be run at 540-600 RPM.


  • Most commonly used on ATV Sprayers
  • Maximum boom length: 12'
  • Tank size: 1 gallons
  • Refill time (approximate): Max rate - 1 hrs, Min rate - 3 hrs
  • Output (balls/min): Max rate - 22, Min rate - 12
  • Foam nozzles: 2 vertical switching