CDS-John Blue DP-321003 Gear Box

CDS-John Blue DP-321003 Gear Box

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6.0 lb
John Blue
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The CDS-John Blue DP-321003 Gear Box is the ideal component requiring little maintenance and providng the smooth operation of sprayer pumps. The design optimizes the performance of most medium- to large-size sprayers for a variety of applications. This gearbox supports a wide spectrum of pressures and flows for suspensions and slurries useful for standard 5 HP gas engines with 3/4" shafts.

Manufacturer Description:

6:1 gear box for standard 4 to 6.5 hp gas engine with 3/4" shaft. Fits CDS-John Blue pump models DP-193-PP, DP-282-P, DP-332-P. If purchasing for DP-282-P or DP-332-P you must also purchase the DP-31155907 spacer and (4) DP-86357500 bolts.


  • Fits pump models: DP-193-PP, DP-282-P, DP-332-P
  • Gear ratio: 6 to 1
  • Engine Size: 4 to 6.5 hp with 3/4" solid keyed shaft
  • Weight: 6 lbs