AR43297 AR503 BlueFlex Diaphragm Kit

AR43297 AR503 BlueFlex Diaphragm Kit

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Use the AR43297 repair kit to change out the diaphragms on your AR503 pump. Diaphragms are the most common wear part on these pumps and if they rupture make sure to change them out immediately. This kit contains diaphragms and o-rings.

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The AR503 Diaphragm Repair Kit (AR43297) will provide repairs for the diaphragms on your AR503 pump. This kit includes BlueFlex diaphragms* Desmopan (AR43295) and Buna kits (AR43294) are also available. If the oil in your diaphragm pump has a milky gray color, you most likely will need to replace the diaphragms. Running a diaphragm pump with oil that is mixed with chemical can cause extensive damage to your pump. Keep this kit handy if your AR503 is in constant use. We recommend changing the diaphragms every 3 months or 500 hours of use.


  • AR43297 Includes:
  • Qty 3 620082 Piston Diaphragm, BlueFlex®
  • Qty 6 480441 O-Ring