3/4" 12V 440 Series 1-Valve Manifold

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3/4" 12VDC 1-Valve Manifold Electric Shutoff Valve.

3/4" NPT Outlet Fittings, 1" Left & Right Side Inlet Fittings, 1-Valve Manifold, Polypropylene Ball, Positively Switched w/ 0.5-Meter Cable.

Spraying Systems/TeeJet DirectoValve 440 Series Manifold Shutoff Valves.

The 440BEC series DirectoValve manifold provides a convenient, compact solution for the installation of multiple 344BEC electric ball valves, up to 5. This system eliminates the need for custom fabrication of pipe or hose manifolds, drastically reducing both installation time and the chance for fluid leaks.

440BEC shutoff valves are available with E or EC series motors with cable or DIN electrical connections.


-22 RPM, 0.7 second shutoff fully open to close.

-Quick, simple plumbing of up to five electric ball valves

-Flexible inlet and outlet connection options.

-Easy mounting with built-in brackets.

-Maximum pressure rating of 300 psi (20 bar).

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