16-6472 FMC/John Bean Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator

16-6472 FMC/John Bean Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator

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FMC/John Bean
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When working in coal mining, directional drilling, core drilling, agriculture or a general industry, the 16-6472 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator is reliable and corrosion resistant. This particular product can help control the generation of excess pressure in the fluid lines. Because this operation is so important, you need to find a high quality pressure regulator to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Manufacturer Description:

This regulator valve controls the operating pressure of the pump. When the discharge line is shut off or is restricted by a small orifice, such as in a spray gun or nozzle, the regulator valve by-passes the surplus solution through the overfly line. This maintains the preset pressure in the pumping system. The regulator valve will seldom require adjustment or servicing after the original pressure setting.


  • Max flow: 20 gpm
  • Max pressure: 500 psi
  • Compatible with pump models: R5, R7, R10, R20
  • Port sizes: 3/4" FNPT (3 ports)
  • Overflow (Bypass): 3/4" FNPT
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs