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Kings Sprayers: Built for Kubotas

Kings Sprayers: Built for Kubotas

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Kings Sprayers

Kings Sprayers are Sprayer Depot's own brand of sprayers built at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida and born out of our 40+ years of experience in the sprayer industry. 

One of the key features of Kings Sprayers, setting them apart from alternative brands is that Kings are fully customizable. We can build a sprayer that fits in almost anything, and is designed to spray almost anything. We configured over 300 unique sprayer combinations in 2017 alone! 

Check out more key features of Kings Sprayers

 A King in a Kubota

Only the finest for a King, which is why we love putting our Kings Sprayers in a Kubota

Our design and production team crafts the sprayer frame to fit snug as a bug in a rug in the box of the Kubota Utility Vehicle. This custom fit allows the tailgate to close securely, ensuring the sprayer isn't going to slide out and take a nasty fall. All the Kings men can try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but wouldn't it just be better to avoid that possible scenario all together? 

The unit shown below was recently created for a customer and shipped directly to their doorstep. It features a 100 Gallon low profile tank in a Skid frame. The Sprayer Depot team also designed a boom setup to connect easily to the Kubota. 

Kubota Utility Vehicle Sprayer

Here's another custom built Kings Sprayer in a Kubota for a pest control customer. We also custom built the bracket for the boomless nozzle. Kings Sprayers use lightweight aluminum which keeps the weight down, but ensures extreme durability, and keeps the unit looking new years into its lifespan. This customer uses his sprayer at least three times a week, most of the year around. 

Kubota Sprayer for Pest Control

We love seeing our sprayers in action - if you have a picture of your Kings Sprayer in a Kubota, John Deere, el Camino, or other type of vehicle, please feel free to share it with us:

Order Your Kings Sprayer Today

Kings Sprayers are designed for people that are serious about getting the job done right. There might be less expensive alternatives to the Kings brand, but the savings stops at the sticker price. Our units are expertly built with the highest quality components. This means your sprayer runs longer, smoother and better, with far fewer headaches, downtime, and lost revenue. 

Several of our models are available for "QuickShip", and ship out the same day if ordered by noon ET. 

If you're interested in a custom unit, built specifically for your needs, feel free to contact our Sales team to explore your options: 800-228-0905, or

Shop Kings Sprayers

Sprayer Depot is Committed to You!

Sprayer Depot specializes in spray equipment, parts and accessories for commercial use. Agriculture, horticulture, lawn & landscaping, pest control, theme parks/resorts/hotel, and golf & recreational facilities shop at Sprayer Depot. Our products are shipped worldwide. Kings Sprayers are proudly made in America at the Sprayer Depot headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!


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