Using the Regulator on a Diaphragm Pump

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Instructions on Using the Pressure Regulator on Our Most Popular Diaphragm Pumps

The pressure regulator, which goes by a variety of names, is a key component of the diaphragm pump. Operating it correctly will increase your pump's effectiveness. You may call it a control unit or an unloader - both are interchangeable names for the pressure regulator.

The regulator is responsible for maintaining a certain pressure rating in the discharge line. This allows excess liquid flow to by-pass back to a tank or drain. Basically, the regulator will cut off the flow of liquid at a certain pressure to ensure safety during use.

Using a pump’s pressure regulator is as easy as moving the lever in the correct direction. However, not every diaphragm pump works the same so it is best to check your manual and follow the directions. A simple infographic with five of our most popular diaphragm pumps and their regulators is included below. 

5 Ways a Control Unit is Better than a Relief Valve

If you are interested in learning even more technical facts about pressure regulators/control units, take a look at our previous guest blog post highlighting 5 reasons why a control unit is better than a relief valve.

Quick Look Guide to Pressure Regulators on 5 Popular Diaphragm Pumps


Safety First

Even though using the regulator can be pretty self-explanatory, it pays to always check that you are using it according to the manufacturer's directions, as is the case with all equipment. Proper use is key to maintaining a safe work environment, as well as ensuring the most effective use of your equipment, ensuring longer operating life and protection of your investment. If you have questions about your specific diaphragm pump and regulator, give your knowledgable customer service team a call! We're happy to help troubleshoot. 

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