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Repairing a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump

Repairing a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump

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Hypro D30 PumpKeep Your Hypro D30 Running Smoothly

Did you know we have a YouTube channel with instructional videos? We put together some resource videos with step-by-step instructions for several spraying challenges and maintenance.

Today’s topic is repairing the popular Hypro D30 diaphragm pump that continues to be an industry standard, solid, go-to pump. The Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump Repair Kit comes with two diaphragms, one air accumulator diaphragm and four o-rings. There are other replacement parts and kits for valves, etc., should you need it, but for today we’ll focus on the diaphragms.

Before we get started, a few tips that might make the repair go a little more smoothly:

  • We found that having a wide bucket handy makes draining the oil from your pump a little less messy. We used a lower-rim, but wider bucket that didn’t hinder getting to the parts while the oil drained. 
  • Also note that the diaphragms should be installed with a certain side facing the oil, as noted on the diaphragm itself. Take a second to find that marker before you get to this step.
  • Lastly take a second to grab your tools, and identify the correct size socket wrenches you’ll need so that your materials are handy before you get started.

Now that we have that out of the way, follow these instructions to repair a Hypro D30 Diaphragm Pump. Then, check out the video below for more details on the repair process:

  • Using a socket wrench, remove both bolts on either side of the head.
  • After removing the top-head assembly, remove each of the four bolts on the head to access the diaphragm.
  • Remove the diaphragm bolt and then remove the old diaphragm.
  • Remove the piston sleeve and drain the oil.
  • Remove the four bolts on the other side to reveal a second diaphragm.
  • Remove the diaphragm bolt and old diaphragm.
  • Remove the second piston sleeve.
  • Now that both piston sleeves have been removed, clean the pump with car or brake cleaner to remove excess water or oil.
  • Gather your new diaphragm pump repair kit parts so that you can reassemble the pump.
  • The piston sleeve has two holes at 12 and 6, insert the sleeve over the piston
  • Once the piston sleeve is in place, put in the new diaphragm.
  • Replace the washer and diaphragm nut using a socket wrench.
  • Replace the head and tighten with a socket wrench.
  • Add non-detergent pump oil into the other side of the unit, filling almost to the brim.
  • Replace the second piston sleeve with holes at 12 and 6.
  • Clean the excess oil.
  • Replace the diaphragm, washer and nut.
  • Replace the second head, sealing the oil inside, and tighten the bolts.
  • Now that both sides are on tight, place the two new o-rings on the base, the other two new o-rings on the head assembly.
  • Using your index and middle fingers, hold the o-rings in place on the assembly head and place the assembly head over the base.
  • Tighten the two bolts on either side of the assembly head.
  • Now we’re on to the air accumulator diaphragm. Remove the bolts.
  • Remove the old air accumulator diaphragm, replacing the new one flush in its place.
  • Replace the top and tighten the bolts.

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