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Kings Sprayers Multi-Tank Sprayers

Kings Sprayers Multi-Tank Sprayers

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It's No Leap - These Multi-Tank Sprayers Are Designed for Versatility

Make the "leap" from an underperforming sprayer to a Kings Sprayers multi-tank skid sprayer.  These skids are designed with versatility in mind, with multiple tanks to keep spray solutions and liquids separate and eliminate cross contamination. It's like getting multiple sprayers in one handy unit!

Thanks for Tanks!

You asked, and we delivered! Customers have been requesting multi-tank sprayers, so we've designed these three skid sprayers to solve the challenge. Why buy multiple sprayers, when one will do the job?!

Checkout these models:

600 combined gallons in a flatbed or standard pickup truck bed!

The same components as a complete lawn truck at 20% of the cost!

Custom designed to fit into smaller pickup beds, this smaller footprint holds a combined 300 gallons!

We're here to help! Kings Sprayers are fully customizable, and can be built to fit *almost* any vehicle with an *almost* unlimited number of configurations and customizations. We love a good challenge, so give us a call or email us to discuss your custom Kings Sprayer today! 

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NEW Product Line: Hose Reels by Kings Sprayers®

The #1 Choice for Quality Hose Reels

Kings Sprayers® has expanded and is now offering hose reels! These reels are proudly built by Kings Sprayers at Sprayer Depot's Orlando headquarters. They feature stainless steel inlet swivel and internal pipe, an aluminum frame that's lightweight and corrosion resistant, and a 2-year limited warranty. 

SHOP MODELS: Hose Reels by Kings Sprayers®

Sprayer Depot is committed to serving you!

Sprayer Depot specializes in spray equipment, parts and accessories for commercial use. Agriculture, horticulture, lawn & landscaping, and pest control industries, as well as theme parks/resorts/hotels, and golf & recreational facilities shop at Sprayer Depot. We ship worldwide. Kings Sprayers are proudly made in America at the Sprayer Depot headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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Kings Sprayers® is expanding and will soon offer full sized lawn trucks. Stay tuned for more information!

Sprayer Depot Is Committed to Serving You!

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