Troubleshooting: Identifying an Air Leak in a Sprayer

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3 Easy Steps to Identify and Repair an Air Leak in a Sprayer

Air leaks in sprayers happen for a variety of reasons. The vibration of the sprayer can work the hoses loose over time and regular use can lead to normal wear and tear. Fortunately, it's an easy issue to troubleshoot and fix. 

A recent customer sent us a video of his D403 pump and sprayer to help him troubleshoot. We've included this video below because it is a classic example of a simple air leak. You'll see the liquid "sputtering" inside the tank. A similar "sputtering" effect would happen from the spray gun as well. While this video shows the D403 pump, it's not specific to that particular pump and can happen to any model of pump or sprayer.


3 Steps to Fix a Sprayer Air Leak

Here are 3 easy steps to fix an air leak in a sprayer:

  1. Check all Suction Fittings - make sure each is tight and hasn't wiggled loose. Most of the time you'll find the culprit and be back up and running.
  2. Remove & Re-tape - if you didn't find a loose fitting when completing step 1, remove all fittings, re-tape and put back together. 
  3. Replace Hose, Fittings and/or Clamps - as a worst case scenario, replace the the hose, fittings and/or clamps. 

Repair Parts for Sprayer Air Leak Repair

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