Hannay Hose Reels for Newbies

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The Ins & Outs of Selecting the Right Hose Reel

Hannay Hose Reels Made Simple

Hose reels are an integral part of your spray equipment.  If you are working with more than 50’ of hose, generally you want a hose reel to keep the line organized.  Depending on the application, both the ID (Internal Diameter) and length of the hose will vary – not to mention the pressure rating needed, frame construction and internal component compatibility!  With so many options we are more than happy to help you select the correct reel for your needs.  However, many customers have requested an easy-to-follow guide. Use the following information to make selecting the right Hannay Reel simple!

1500 Series Hose Reels

The majority of hose reels in the industries we serve - lawn, ag, pest control, pressure wash, etc. - are 1500 series.  They are mainly used to hold 3/8” ID and 1/2” ID spray hose (and can also hold 1/4” ID or 5/8” ID).

Hose Reel Size:

When talking hose reels the size refers to the distance between the discs – not the overall length or width of the reel.  When we say 18” reel this means there is 18” between the discs on either end.  This width determines the length of hose that can fit on the reel.  Hannay offers a spec sheet to show how much hose of varying ID (internal diameter) each reel can hold.  They are a little conservative but it is a suitable guide to use to make sure you don’t buy too small of a reel.  Standard sizes are 6”, 12”, 18”, 22” and 28”.

Hannay Hose Reels for Newbies


The inlet and outlet of the 1500 series hose reel is ½” Female NPT.  This is a very common size and easy to adapt to (Thanks Hannay!).  We can help you select the fittings needed.  To facilitate a smooth process, please find the ID of your spray hose and the thread size/type of any fittings on it before contacting us.  If you do not have the hose or fittings we can supply both!

PSI Rating:

The max psi of a standard 1500 series reel is 3000.  One of the many advantages of Hannay Reels is that they are fully customizable (Sprayer Depot's Kings Sprayers are too!).  To upgrade the max pressure to handle up to 5000 psi you simply add “H5M” to the end of the part number.

Rewind Options:

Reels are available in manual hand crank or electric rewind.  A removable hand crank and pinlock (to keep the reel from spinning when not in use) are included when you purchase a manual reel.  Electric reels are equipped with a 12V motor, solenoid and push button.  You will need a 12V power source for the motor – vehicle battery or auxiliary battery.  115V motor reels are available upon request but are not very common.  Optional hand crank and pinlock are not included with an electric reel but are available for purchase separately.  For electric reels add “E” in front of the part number.

Construction Material:

Hannay 1500 Series Reels are steel with a high performance modified acrylic enamel paint.  Most of the major components are also e-coated before receiving the final paint finish.  The combination of e-coat and enamel meets the demands of most environments.  If paint finish is not suitable in your application there is an option to upgrade to stainless steel.  Simply add “SS” to the beginning of the hose reel part number.

Internal Components: 

The standard internals are carbon steel and the inlet swivel is nickel plated aluminum (the exception is stainless steel reels which are full stainless from the get-go).  If you are spraying corrosive chemicals or want something that will avoid corrosion longer, you can upgrade the internals and inlet swivel to stainless steel.  Add “SS” to the end of the part number to any standard steel hose reel.

Anatomy of a Hose Reel Part Number:

We will use the 12” reel as an example to explain the numbering system.  Below are the part numbers including the various upgrades available. 

  • 1520-17-18 – 12” Steel Manual Hose Reel with Steel Internals, 3000 PSI Max
  • 1520-17-18H5M – 12” Steel Manual Hose Reel with Steel Internals, 5000 PSI Max
  • 1520-17-18H5MSS – 12” Steel Manual Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Internals, 5000 PSI Max
  • E1520-17-18 – 12” Steel Electric Hose Reel with Steel Internals, 3000 PSI Max
  • E1520-17-18H5M – 12” Steel Electric Hose Reel with Steel Internals, 5000 PSI Max
  • E1520-17-18H5MSS – 12” Steel Electric Hose Reel with Stainless Steel Internals, 5000 PSI Max
  • SS1520-17-18 – 12” Stainless Steel Manual Hose Reel, 3000 PSI Max
  • SS1520-17-18H5M - 12” Stainless Steel Manual Hose Reel, 5000 PSI Max
  • SSE1520-17-18 - 12” Stainless Steel Electric Hose Reel, 3000 PSI Max
  • SSE1520-17-18H5M - 12” Stainless Steel Electric Hose Reel, 5000 PSI Max

1800 Series Reels       

Your eyes may be glazing over from information overload so we will keep this short!  1800 series reels are basically the same as 1500 series reels, but are made with a larger inlet swivel -1” Female NPT as opposed to 1/2” Female NPT - and larger internal manifold for the water/chemical to pass through.  The outlet is 3/4” Female NPT instead of 1/2”.  These reels are normally used with 3/4” ID or regular garden hose (5/8” ID as well, but this is less common).  The max operating pressure is 2000 PSI and is only upgradeable to 4000 PSI max.  

Hannay Hose Reels for Newbies

Hannay Hose Reels - Versatility for All Your Reel Needs

While we discussed two series of reels, Hannay manufactures many more!  We also sell quite a few of the 1000 series (small U-Shape base) and 6000 series (large reels for 3/4” and 1” ID hose).  There are endless options and possibilities but to keep it simple we stuck with the most common.  If you are in need of a reel that doesn’t fit with what we covered here please contact us for a custom reel quote. Happy Reeling!

P.S. Due to material cost increases Hannay has announced a price increase in early to middle May.  Get your orders in now to save money!

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