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Custom Dual Tank Sprayers are Here

Custom Dual Tank Sprayers are Here

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Dual Tank Sprayers, Custom Solutions for All Your Spraying Needs

At Kings Sprayers®, we take pride in delivering exceptional custom sprayers to our customers. 

We are excited to showcase two unique custom sprayers – dual tank skid sprayers that will revolutionize your spraying experience.

These cutting-edge solutions offer:

  • Increased capacity
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Unparalleled performance (for various applications)

Discover how they can elevate your spraying game.

Dual 100-Gallon Skid Sprayer: Versatility Meets Compact Design

This dual 100-gallon skid sprayer is designed with Norwesco slim loaf tanks. We are thrilled to announce that we now offer Norwesco tanks, renowned for their durability and reliability. (Note: You can explore our Norwesco category here, where you'll find an extensive range of high-quality tanks, or read about the tanks here.)

The ingenious utilization of slim loaf tanks allows us to mount them side by side, ensuring a total width under 48 inches. This compact design makes it perfect for pickup truck installation without compromising on capacity. To ensure stability, we have added sturdy straps to keep the tanks securely in place. Additionally, we have welded flat bars in the front and back to prevent any unwanted tank movement. Finishing it off is a Honda Engine and 10 gpm diaphragm pump with Kings Electric Reel and 400’ of 3/8” ID Hose.

Dual 200-Gallon SpaceSaver Skid Sprayer: Unmatched Power in a Compact Footprint

Prepare to be amazed by our second creation – the dual 200-gallon SpaceSaver skid sprayer. Despite its compact dimensions of 72 inches in length and 48 inches in width, this sprayer boasts an impressive capacity of 400 gallons. It's the epitome of efficiency and power, designed to handle various spraying tasks, including lawn and tall tree spraying. 

To maximize performance, we have: 

  • Upgraded the engine to a GX390
  • Upgraded the pump to an AR/Hypro 813GRGI

These upgrades allow for 21 gpm or 725 psi (ensuring optimal spraying performance), and a reach of heights up to 60 feet.

Choose Sprayer Depot for Your Custom Sprayer Needs!

At Sprayer Depot, we are committed to providing custom sprayers that exceed your expectations. Our team of skilled assemblers at Kings Sprayers® sees every project as an opportunity to create exceptional solutions tailored to your unique requirements. These dual tank sprayers represent just a glimpse of what we can accomplish.

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