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Kings Hose Reels - C3 Skids' #1 Choice

Kings Hose Reels - C3 Skids' #1 Choice

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Why Kings Hose Reels?

A Customer Q&A

C3 Skids, a custom sprayer builder out of Daytona, Florida, prefers Hose Reels by Kings Sprayers®. A long-time partner, C3 Skids offers equipment, chemicals, and sprayer eduction for pressure washing, soft washing, and pest control. 

When it comes to building trailers and skids that meet the demands of professionals across various industries, C3 has a clear strategy - quality and customer service. We had the privilege of speaking with Casey from C3 Skids about their preference for Kings Reels, and here's what they had to say:

Q: Why do you choose Kings Reels for your trailer builds? 

A: For us - it boils down to two main reasons. Quality and customer service. We need a reel that is lightweight and corrosion resistant for the applications our customers use the trailer for. The aluminum frame enhances the overall look of our equipment and the stainless steel internals prolong the life of the components - save both the customer and our company time & money. 

As far as customer service, Sprayer Depot/ Kings Sprayers blows the competition away. Before we found them, the lead time from our other supplier was 12-18 months! We are able to pick up 40 reels the next business day when purchasing from Sprayer Depot. Not only that - if an issue arises, they take care of it 100% no questions asked.

Q: Which models do you find to be the most common in your industry? 

A: We build with mainly 12" & 18 1/2" manifold manual and electric reels. If we are dealing with longer lengths of hose we will use 22" or 28" but it's not as common. We have also recently seen an uptick in 1" manifold reels with the new KR3 series from Kings Reels. We believe they are the only aluminum reel on the market with 1" manifold. 

Q: Do you use any stacking kits on your builds? 

A: Yes, we do! The Kings stainless steel brackets are high quality and allow us to stack reels on the trailers to conserve space. We also use quite a few four sided hose guides. They are much better than the 4-sided guides we have used in the past from other suppliers. We use more guides than stacking kits these days!

Q: What are some of your best selling trailers?  

A: We build stock and custom trailers. The two most common are published on our website. The budget trailer is a great option if customers are just starting out!

When it comes to service and reliability, C3 Skids has high expectations, and Kings Reels exceeds them. We're proud to partner with C3 and love seeing all the builds they come up with. Keep up the great work!

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