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Choosing The Right Spray Gun

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In the past, we've talked about the importance of selecting the right spray tip for your application. Since spray tips and spray guns go hand in hand it is only appropriate that spray guns also get their fifteen minutes of fame. After all, ensuring that you are using the right one will improve your spraying efficiency. When choosing a spray gun consider the following: 

Fluid Pressure: Check the psi rating of your pump and make sure that your chosen gun meets or exceeds the same rating to ensure proper pressure.

Flow Rate: The gallons per minute (gpm) rating is also important to keep in mind. Nozzles, pressure, and flow rate all need to work together so the sprayer can work at its full capacity.

Type of project: The type of application will determine the type of gun better suited for your project. Some spray guns, like our standard GreensMaster JD9-C*, can be used for multiple purposes such as spraying trees and shrubs. However, If you are spraying very tall trees, using a root feeder, spraying big distances, lawn or other specific applications then you might choose other better-suited spray guns.

These are three of our most popular spray guns:


Choosing a spray gun can quickly become a daunting task so let our Customer Service Technicians simplify this decision by matching your sprayer with the best gun option for your application.


*GreenMasters JD9-C is a copy of the Green Garde JD9®-C Spray Gun. It has the same pressure rating as the Green Garde JD9®-C Spray Gun and uses the same nozzles and repair kits

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