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A Simple Guide to Roller Pumps

A Simple Guide to Roller Pumps

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Roller pumps are ideal for agricultural, landscape, and industrial spraying applications. They can be used to transfer a variety fluids and are an economical choice for professionals in a variety of field applications. These pumps work especially well for pest control professionals and landscapers alike because they are designed to handle a multitude of pumping needs including insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers and many other liquids. Although different models are made with materials for best compatibility with certain liquids.

How a Roller Pump Works

It's important to understand the basics of how this type of pump operates, in order to identify the best pump to suit your needs: the pump operates by accepting fluids through an inlet port where it is captured and transported by the rollers (tiny balls that function as a conveyor for the liquid) before being expelled. A roller pump has 4 to 8 rollers, depending on the model, that revolve inside the pump housing to force the spray solution out through the nozzle. It is important to consider all the construction features of the housing and the rollers when deciding which pump to purchase.

Roller Pump Options

For instance, a landscaper who is concerned about weed control Hypro-6500XL-actual.jpgmay want to consider the Hypro 6500XL series pump whose construction has been tested and proven to be compatible with the use of RoundUp. (Remember it is always important to flush your pump after every application to preserve the integrity of its internal components).

The economical rotary-action roller principle of the Hypro 6500C pump requires no check valves while providing positive displacement characteristics with less friction and lower starting torque than many other pumps on the market. This particular one has an internal roller direction of counter clockwise, as opposed the the 4001 and 4101 models which rotate clockwise.

With a slightly slower gpm rate, the cast-iron Delavan 6900C model pump
is an affordable option for most spraying needs. Cast iron pumps typically provide good performance with insecticides and pesticides. This roller pump has a 5/8-in. solid shaft and a max pressure of 300psi. 


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