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3 Reasons Why You Need an Economy Sprayer

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The K15E100 is a 15 gallon economy sprayer ideal for garden and backyard use. You can use it to spray along fences, to keep weeds under control and to spray other hard to reach places. This type of sprayer comes in handy if you want something easy to transport but with enough power to get the job done quickly ad efficiently!

If you are currently using a backpack or a hand-held sprayer, or if you are just looking for a small, reliable unit, then keep on reading for our top 3 reasons why you should consider an economy sprayer.

1. Reduce Spraying Time

The 15 gallon tank on our economy sprayer holds 3-4 times more liquid than standard hand-held or backpack sprayers. This eliminates the need to constantly stop and refill your sprayer. This alone will save you so much time and will allow you to cover more space faster and more efficiently. One of our customers said "I was able to spray the territory in half the time!", when comparing his new 15-gallon economy sprayer to his old backpack sprayer.

2. Comfort and Safety

We all know that backpack sprayers can be really hard on your back, and using a hand-held sprayer is not much better either. Avoid unnecessary injuries and overexertion by just mounting this economy sprayer to an ATV or to another work vehicle.

3. Constant Pressure

Save yourself the hassle of having to manually pump a sprayer.The  Kings Sprayers Economy Sprayer is built with a standard Everflo 12 volt self-priming pump*. This will keep the pressure constant without having to rely on doing it yourself. Another one of our customers shared why he loves this unit "For about $40 more than my old backpack sprayer, this new sprayer helps me keep the flow rate at a constant level, making my application uniform"

Want to learn more? Check out these great features:

  • 15' of 3/8" Clear PVC Reinforced Spray Hose
  • 3/4" Tank Drain Large
  • 5" Fill Well with Vented Lid
  • 18" Spray Wand Adjustable Spray Nozzle
  • Durable Polyethylene Tank
  • 12 Volt Self Priming Diaphragm Pump (1 GPM, 40 PSI)

*12 volt pumps need to be powered by a 12 volt battery or wired up to an ATV/Truck

Watch the short video below to see this sprayer in action!


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