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Find What You Need on Sprayer Depot's Site

Sprayer Depot's website is powered by a Smart Search feature that makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, even if you don't know the exact specifics of the product. Our site is rather large, and includes thousands of published products - overwhelming and challenging, without the intuitive technology that helps direct you to the best matched results. 

How to Use Smart Search

We have a search bar on the site in the upper right corner, similar to the one on most websites, but ours is equipped with smart technology designed to show the closest matching results within our website. To use the Smart Search, simply type a query into the search bar - it doesn't have to be exact, specific, or include any details, so it's not necessary to know the product number, part SKU, or even the actual name of the item.

Smart Search on Sprayer Depot's Website

The Smart Search also provides sorting filters on the left side of each search results page, each brand page, and each product category page. These filters help narrow the number of items on the page, and make it easy to find that one specific item in a sea of options. 

Smart Search Demonstration

Watch this video demonstration showing just how easy it is to use Sprayer Depot's Smart Search. It will show how to use both the sorting filters on the left side of the page, along with the main search bar in the top right corner of every page.

New Website Feature: Build Your Kings Sprayer

Build Your Own Customized Kings Sprayer on the Sprayer Depot Website

We've launched a new feature that allows you to customize sprayer models right from the website! Go ahead - play around with an almost limitless number of configurations. More models and components coming soon!

Build Your Kings Sprayer

Sprayer Depot is committed to serving you!

Sprayer Depot specializes in spray equipment, parts and accessories for commercial use. Agriculture, horticulture, lawn & landscaping, and pest control industries, as well as theme parks/resorts/hotels, and golf & recreational facilities shop at Sprayer Depot. Our products are shipped worldwide, and now available for faster delivery to the Western US through a new distribution center in Arizona. Kings Sprayers are proudly made in America at the Sprayer Depot headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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