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Technical Tuesday: Spray Tank Lids

Technical Tuesday: Spray Tank Lids

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Types of Spray Tank Lids

Spray tank lids are a fairly simple item, but a necessary piece of the equipment. There are two common types, and a few standard sizes. Let's look at the difference between the two types:

  • Male-Threaded
  • Female-Threaded

Male-Threaded Spray Tank Lids

Male-Threaded Tank Lids are the most common, and have the threads molded into the lid, screwing into a female rim on the tank. The most common sizes are 8", 12" and 16". Occasionally, in unique situations, there are 10" sized lids. 

Female-Threaded Spray Tank Lids

Female-Threaded Spray Tank Lids are less common, and are frequently used on smaller spot sprayer style tanks. They are more of a cap style that slide onto the male threads on the tank.

Measuring for Tank Lids

There's no real "rule of thumb" for measuring for tank lids, but usually measurements up to +/- 2" with get the lid size close enough.  

Male-Threaded Tank Lid Dimensions

Male-Threaded Tank Lid Dimensions

(in / mm)
(in / mm)
(in / mm)
8" 9.8 / 250 8.3 / 210 1.2 / 31
12" 14 / 355 12.3 / 313 1.2 / 31
16" 17.9 / 454 16.1 / 410 1 / 25
22" 24.4 / 620 22.3 / 567 1.2 / 30


Standard Ring Dimensions

 Standard Ring Dimensions

(in / mm)
(in / mm)
(in / mm)
(in / mm)
8" 10 / 255 8.5 / 215 7.6 / 192 1.5 / 38
12" 14.2 / 360 12.6 / 320 11.4 / 290 1.5 / 38
16" 18.2 / 462 16.3 / 415 15 / 382 1.4 / 35
22" 24.4 / 620 22.6 / 575 21.3 / 540 1.6 / 41

Spray Tank Lid Features

Spray Tank Lids are pretty simple in design, but there are some features that can be helpful in specific situations. 

  • Vents: some lids offer venting, which can be helpful in decreasing the buildup of gaseous odors. A Center Breather is an accessory for 12" and 16" lids that stays in place, but allows for control of the venting. 
  • Center Vent Cap: a smaller center opening allows for the easy addition of liquids without removing the entire lid. Here's a 16" Lid with a 4" Center Vent Cap.
  • Hinged Lid: eliminate the need to unscrew the lid with a hinged opening. We offer a 16" Road Warrior Hinged Lid.

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