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International Shipping Rates - They're Lower Than You Might Realize!

International Shipping Rates - They're Lower Than You Might Realize!

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We Ship Spray Equipment Internationally at Low Rates

Sprayer Depot ships spray equipment, parts and accessories worldwide. We've shipped to 68 countries - and counting - in the last few years! 

Expert Assistance for International Shipping

When ordering internationally, shipping should be the least of your concern. We pride ourselves on our international shipping expertise. Our knowledgable customer service reps are available to assist with your order, from shopping our expansive catalog to ensuring timely delivery to your doorstep. We offer parcel shipping through UPS, USPS, and FedEx, as well as pallet shipments through shippers that specialize in large items. We can work with your freight forwarder if needed. Don't let your location be a roadblock in getting the spray equipment you need -  we're here to help!

International Shipping Rates at Sprayer Depot

We know what you're probably thinking... just because you can ship something to a land far, far away, doesn't mean it's affordable. You might be surprised, however!  Smaller to medium sized items can be sent across the globe quickly and at very reasonable rates. Here are some examples of rates from our Orlando, Florida headquarters to a few popular shipping destinations around the world:

Average International Shipping Rates

  • To Ireland >> $16
  • To Australia >> $28
  • To Alberta, Canada >> $12
  • To Ontario, Canada >> $28
  • To Puerto Rico >> $5 - $12
  • To United Kingdom >> $16 - $28
  • To Brazil >> $53
  • To Mexico >> $47 - $67

Please keep in mind that the weight and quantities of products shipped will affect the rates. These are averages, and shipping could fluctuate lower or higher than the costs shown. We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible, while still delivering orders quickly. 

If you have questions about international shipping or other spraying challenges, our customer service reps are just a phone call or email away! Put our decades of experience to work.

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Sprayer Depot is committed to serving you!

Sprayer Depot specializes in spray equipment, parts and accessories for commercial use. Agriculture, horticulture, lawn & landscaping, and pest control industries, as well as theme parks/resorts/hotels, and golf & recreational facilities shop at Sprayer Depot. We ship worldwide. Kings Sprayers are proudly made in America at the Sprayer Depot headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to assisting you again in the near future. Happy Spraying!

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