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Hot Dog Eating Contest at the Depot

Hot Dog Eating Contest at the Depot

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July is National Hot Dog Month

Hot Dogs are undoubtedly as American as apple pie and baseball. In fact, what's baseball without a good hot dog smothered in mustard and relish?!

The history of the hot dog is widely disputed, but regardless of which version of the "little dog's" story you believe, they have been around for centuries, and garnered quite the following over the years. Some prefer a cheese filled hot dog, while others insist on all natural, all real meat dogs. The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council polled Americans, and found out they prefer them straight off the grill. 

July 18 is recognized as the National Hot Dog Day, but the whole month of July goes to the hot dogs as well. How could we resist the opportunity to join in the celebration?!

Hot Dog Eating Contest at Sprayer Depot

On Tuesday, July 24, the men of Sprayer Depot will test their gastric limits with a 3 minute hot dog eating contest. The ladies of Sprayer Depot were invited to participate as well, but politely declined - we can't imagine why...!

Tune into the Sprayer Depot Facebook page for a livestream of the chowdown at noon ET. Eight of the Depot's biggest eaters will step up to the plate, but only one man can win the title of Hot Dog King. They've been training for this day their whole lives - have their efforts been enough? Will they praise or curse their training regimens? Everything they have worked for hangs in the balance - don't miss a single minute of this important event!

Hot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating ContestHot Dog Eating Contest

Livestream Replay 


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