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Enhancing Safety & Efficiency with Banjo Dry-Mate Fittings

Enhancing Safety & Efficiency with Banjo Dry-Mate Fittings

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Prevent Spills. Minimize Exposure. Save Money. 

Safety and efficiency are paramount in today's fast-paced work environments.

That's where Banjo polypropylene & stainless steel Dry-Mate dry disconnects come into play, offering a reliable solution to prevent spills, minimize risk of exposure to harmful fluids, and ultimately save you money.

Key Benefits:

  1. Preventing Spills: With Banjo Dry-Mate fittings, the risk of spills is significantly reduced. Their patented double ball design with cam lever connection ensures a secure seal, preventing mishaps even during fluid flow.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Safety is not just a priority; it's a necessity. These fittings minimize leakage during disconnection, reducing the risk of harmful chemicals coming into contact with you or your team.
  3. Reduced Waste: Every drop counts, especially when it comes to your product. Banjo Dry-Mate fittings help minimize product spillage, with spillage data indicating just 3.6ml of spillage for a 2-inch line. This means more of your product stays where it belongs – in your tanks, not on the ground.
  4. Ease of Use: Lightweight, easy to use, and offering unrestricted 2-inch flow, these fittings are designed for practicality and efficiency.
  5. Cost Savings: Less maintenance, less waste, and enhanced safety mean reduced costs in the long run. By investing in Banjo Dry-Mate fittings, you're not just safeguarding you, your team, and your product; you're also safeguarding your bottom line.

Banjo Dry-Mates


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Top Selling Banjo Dry-Mate Fittings:

1" Stainless Steel Full Port Male X FPT NPT w/ PTFE Seals -> item # DM100ASS

2" Poly Dry-Mate Female X FPT NPT w/ FKM Seals -> item # DM200D

3" Male Manifold Dry-Mate™ w/ FKM Seals -> item # DM300ACF

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Incorporate Banjo Dry-Mate fittings into your operations and experience the difference in safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Call Sprayer Depot for assistance on selecting the correct Dry-Mate fitting for your project.

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