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7 Must Haves For Your Sprayer Emergency Kit

7 Must Haves For Your Sprayer Emergency Kit

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Keep These Items on Your Spray Rig & Fend Off Downtime

Breakdowns happen, but a well-stocked "emergency repairs kit" can keep you from being down too long. As Spring and Summer roll around and spraying season nears, now is also the perfect time to put together a sprayer emergency kit if you haven't already.

Emergency Sprayer Repair Kits

An emergency kit stocked with a few essential parts and repair kits saves not only downtime, but money, preventing the need for expedited shipping charges. Here are some tips on creating your emergency repair kit:

1. Know Your Equipment & Stock the Right Parts for the Brands on Your Sprayer.

The parts in your emergency kit will vary depending on the type of spray equipment you use. Brands like Hypro and UDOR are extremely popular, but some sprayers also use less common brands that are specific to a particular type of spraying. 

2. Stock the Repeat Offenders.

Some parts take more of a beating than others, making them "frequent flyers" on the repair list. Items like diaphragms, spray tips and nozzles tend to need more regular maintenance. It's inevitable that these repeat offenders are going to let you done at one point or another. Keep plenty of these items in your kit!

3. Save on Shipping with Orders Over $100.

No one likes paying for shipping, and the rates charged by shipping carriers keep going up. We feel your pain too! One way we've tried to help alleviate this expense for our customers is by offering FREE shipping to the 48 contiguous states on qualified orders of $100 or more. With four strategically located distribution centers across the U.S., over 90% of orders that qualify for free shipping arrive within 2 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) or less!

Taking advantage of the $100 order minimum to qualify for free shipping is one of the best ways to save money - ordering multiple items, such as those needed to stock your emergency repair kits, will save on shipping now, and prevent you from smaller, last minute rush orders during a breakdown. 

What to Stock in Your Emergency Sprayer Repair Kit

Your kit will be unique to the products and brands you use, but we've compiled a list of the most commonly needed parts for repairing and maintaining Kings Sprayers.

  • Spray Tips and Nozzles: Replace spray tips and nozzles immediately if you notice a change in flow rate or a change in pattern distribution. Damaged spray tips and nozzles are sometimes overlooked but can cost you money and precious time if not replaced in a timely manner.
  • Strainers: A clogged strainer is one of the most common repairs our Service Repair Technicians see on a daily basis. You can prolong your strainer's life by cleaning it often, however, it's a good idea to keep a replacement strainer, gasket and seal handy. 
  • Spray Guns: We recommend not only keeping a spray gun repair kit but also a spare spray gun, just in case. One of the most common spray guns is the JD9-C, pictured below, we sell a repair kit to replace the seals if the gun starts to leak or isn't working as well as it should. Here's a video on how to replace the JD9-C spray gun seals: Watch Video >>
  • Spray Hose: Although spray hose is pretty tough they can bend and crack, affecting the performance of your sprayer and the spray output. We recommend having spare suction, bypass and discharge hoses on hand in case you need a quick replacement.
  • Hose Fittings: Besides stocking replacement hose in your kit, reusable hose fittings should also be on your list. Installing hose fittings: Watch Videos >>
  • Diaphragm: If you use diaphragm pumps, diaphragm repair kits are a must! These handy and inexpensive kits can make all the difference when it comes to staying up and running, or increasing your downtime. Repair diaphragm pumps: Watch Videos >>
  • Pumps: Just like the diaphragm, many parts on your pump can be easily replaced, but some can't, depending on the type of pump and the manufacturer. Sometimes the pump will fail and the only solution is a replacement of the pump, other times it's just more economical to replace it rather than repair. We recommend keeping a spare pump as part of your emergency kit - there will be a day you are really glad you did!


Sprayer Depot's Customer Service

We're happy to help with your repair questions and spraying challenges. Give us a call at 800-228-0905 or email us at Our knowledgeable customer service team has extensive product knowledge.

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