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Product Highlight: 3 Types of Poly Tanks

Product Highlight: 3 Types of Poly Tanks

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Polyethylene tanks are a popular choice in commercial applications. They are reliable, cost-effective and available in many sizes. Most commonly known as poly tanks, these tanks offer many advantages that make them the go-to type of tank for your sprayer. Poly tanks are relatively easy to handle, won’t corrode and are compatible with many liquid chemicals. 

We sell a variety of poly tanks, and we have the perfect type for your every project:

  •  PCO Tanks: Pest Control Operator Tanks are multipurpose poly tanks perfect for agricultural, nursery, landscaping, and lawn applications. We have a wide selection of PCO tanks ranging from 50-300 gallon capacity, featuring a rounded bottom for better fluid drainage. PCO tanks can be selected for stationary or transportable applications both indoor and outdoors.
  • Free-Standing Horizontal Tanks: As the name implies, this type of tank has free standing legs which makes it very sturdy for transportation. These tanks are ideal when transportable containment (non-DOT approved) is required whether in an outdoor or indoor application. They feature translucent walls so checking the liquid level is not a hassle. We carry a variety of sizes, from 15 gallons all the way to 3250 gallons, so regardless of your project size we’ve got you covered! 
  • Vertical Tanks: These are free standing poly tanks featuring a flat bottom for indoor or outdoor installations. These tanks are commonly used for storage of water, fertilizer, herbicide, and other agricultural and industrial chemicals. From 20 gallons all the way to 12,500 gallons, our selection will definitely meet whatever size you need.


All of our poly tanks come without fittings installed. However, in case you need them, just let one of our Customer Service Technician know and we will install them at no extra charge*. Like every part of your sprayer, your tank also needs proper maintenance so check out these great tips on inspecting your tank.


*Installation only. Fittings prices vary.

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