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5 Apps That Every Horticulturist Should Download Now

5 Apps That Every Horticulturist Should Download Now

Posted by Srayer Depot on

Horticulturists everywhere will benefit from these 5 apps. From help with identifying plants, treating diseases and receiving alerts about local pests, these apps provide useful information on-the-go.

Landscaper's Companion

This extensive plant database alphabetically lists more than 26,000 plants. It also provides specific plant information, such as the sun and water requirements, the time of year the plant blooms and mature plant size. To view a picture of a certain plant, search for it in the large plant database that lists over 21,000 plant photos. This app is simple to use because it allows you to perform searches by entering the plant name or plant type. You can also create your own plant catalog with photos.


You'll definitely want to take advantage of this mobile app, not just because it's free, but because it utilizes visual recognition software to recognize various kinds of trees. Leafsnap.jpgAll you have to do is take a picture of the tree leaf in question and the app will identify the species for you. In addition, the app has a large image database with pictures of fruits, flowers, seeds, petioles and the bark of each tree.

The Plant Doctor

If you're ever unsure about a certain plant disease, fill out the online form on the app, snap a few photos and send your query to plant pathologist Scot Nelson, who is also the app's developer. After Nelson receives the information, he will reply shortly with an answer and a treatment recommendation.

Bugs and Insects Expanded Edition

Insects can also create havoc with plants and any horticulturist will benefit from having this handy app. With its large database of over 5000 bug images, you'll be able to identify any crawling critter you come across. Another benefit to this is app is that if you're deep in the middle of nowhere, you can still use it because you don't need an internet connection to view the images.

Audubon Wildflowers

This app includes thousands of photos, detailed range maps, in-depth descriptions, state-of-the art search functions and more. Search by color, region, shape and other advanced search options.

These time-saving apps allow horticulturists to perform their jobs more efficiently and timely. Try out one or all of them and you'll wonder how you ever made it without them.

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