Thick Body (Yellow) Fan Cap & Gasket

Thick Body (Yellow) Fan Cap & Gasket

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CAP01-02 (Yellow) Thick Body Cap & Gasket.

The thick body fan cap holds and aligns fan pattern spray tips made with 10.5mm alignment flats. These caps fit Albuz® AVI, AVI-Twin, ESI, APG, and APE spray tips.

Each cap comes with an EPDM gasket. Replacement gaskets are available in both EPDM or Viton.

Part Numbers:

CAP01-20 Black

CAP01-01 Orange

CAP01-015 Green

CAP01-02 Yellow

CAP01-025 Lilac

CAP01-03 Blue

CAP01-04 Red

CAP01-05 Brown

CAP01-06 Gray

CAP01-08 White

CAP01-10 Light Blue

CAP01-15 Lime Green

Replacement Gaskets:

22W11MF64 EPDM

22W11MF64V Viton