25 Mesh (Red) MiniClean ULD Tip Strainer

25 Mesh (Red) MiniClean ULD Tip Strainer

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25 Mesh (Red) MiniClean ULD Tip Strainer.

The MiniClean™ strainer provides filtration designed exclusively for the Ultra Lo-Drift® family of tips, making installation of Ultra Lo-Drift tips, FastCap™ ULD tips, and TwinCap™ ULD tip assemblies simple. The strainer easily snaps into place to seal out unfiltered solution and simplifies tip change-out.

Constructed from durable, chemically resistant, and economical engineered polymer, the MiniClean strainers provide optimized minimum filtration to ensure effective spraying all day, especially on sprayers recently used for liquid fertilizer application. The strainer captures fertilizer debris that has escaped flush-out and has settled after the boom line strainers.

Included on FastCap ULD (sizes 015-06) and TwinCap ULD assemblies. Available separately for use with loose ULD tips.

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30Q3624 25 Mesh MiniClean Strainer for use with ULD spray tips, sizes 05-06 - Red

30Q3623 50