Easy Steps to Repair a Kappa-40 Diaphragm Pump

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Our Repair Technicians are the best! Yes, we are proud of their excellent service and extensive knowledge in all kappa40_schematicthings sprayers. They are quick to diagnose issues and repair them in no time. They work hard five days a week to make sure your downtime is minimal. Usually, repairs are done within the same day unless we need to order parts or if we have a long queue for the day. Even then, most repairs only take 24-48 hours.

If you've visited our website or follow us in social media then you know we have many instructional videos available. For all of our customers who are not local thus unable to stop by for a repair, we thought it would be cool to have short, easy and convenient videos featuring some of the most common repairs that you can do right at home.

Today we are featuring steps on how to repair a Udor Kappa-40 Diaphragm pump. Watch the video and follow the easy steps outlined below.

 For this project you will need the following tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Half inch socket
  • 11/16" socket
  • Diaphragm kit (2 diaphragms, 2 sets of O-rings and an air accumulator diaphragm)

Let's get started! Follow these steps:

  1. Loosen the bolts in one of the two head assemblies to remove it
  2. Remove the diaphragm nut and washer using the wrench
  3. Remove the diaphragm
  4. Remove the piston sleeve
  5. Drain the internal oil
  6. Loosen the bolts on the second head to remove it
  7. Perform steps 2-5 for the second head 
  8. Clean both sides of the pump with break cleaner
  9. Place the piston sleeve back in place in one of the two heads
  10. Place the diaphragm inside. The diaphragm has a beveled side which needs to be facing up
  11. Use the wrench to tighten the nut and washer back into place
  12. On each of the two head assemblies remove the inside valve assemble
  13. Replace the spring, valve seat (beveled side down), and large metal seat
  14. Replace O-ring with a new one
  15. The other valve assembly has the exact same parts but reversed (follow steps 13-14)
  16. Switch to the other head and perform steps 13-15 for this side as well
  17. Place the head assembly back in place on the side where you replaced the piston sleeve (step 9)
  18. Tighten bolts in a clockwise pattern to tighten evenly
  19. Switch to the other head and use non-detergent 40 weight pump oil to fill that open side
  20. Place piston sleeve back in place
  21. Clean up any excess oil
  22. Replace diaphragm, making sure that beveled side is facing up just like in step 13
  23. Use the wrench to tighten the nut and washer
  24. Place the head assembly back in place and tighten screws in clockwise pattern to tighten evenly   
  25. There is a clear bolt on the side of the pump and the oil level should be visible right in the center
  26. Remove the air accumulator head by loosening the bolts
  27. Once opened, remove the air accumulator diaphragm and replace with new
  28. Close everything back and tighten for a secure fitting
You are all done!  We sell all the parts featured in our videos so just contact us if you have any questions on this repair or the specific parts you need to order. Do you have an instructional video you'd like to see featured? Let us know in the comments below.